Back to the Future? 90 Content marketing voorspellingen voor 2020

Traditiegetrouw regent het voorspellingen en terugblikken aan het eind van het jaar. De komende weken selecteer ik de beste lijstjes ter lering en vermaak.

Het Content Marketing Institute (CMI) vroeg 90 marketingspecialisaten naar hun verwachting. De voorspellingen gaan veel over het belang van meten en data, de mogelijkheden van AI en algoritmes, en ook over het nauwer samenwerken met andere disciplines in de organisatie.

Voor het overzicht zijn de voorspellingen in zeven categorieën verdeeld:

Veel ‘voorspellingen’ zijn eigenlijk wensen of algemene waarheden, dus ik zet hier de meest opvallende echte voorspellingen van de diverse marketingspecialisten.

Michele Linn, Mantis Research

“In 2020, savvy marketers will publish their own original research because it’s one of the best ways to cut through the noise – especially when you are operating in a crowded space. Want to get even more bang from your research? Commit to publishing at least six additional pieces of content from your findings.”

Ahava Leibtag, Aha Media Group

“People are going to continue to look at chatbots and voice and what they mean in terms of editorial planning and back-end technology. Marketing professionals, along with their executive teams (hopefully), are going to continue to refine which business goals they can truly impact. This will help them make the case to develop more original research on their audiences and use that information to create sharper marketing tactics. I truly hope we’ll begin to see a decline in creating just to create and a rise in creating to move the needle.”

Melissa Harrison, Allee Creative

“Brand marketers will take more time to create content for niche channels and/or create super-personalized content for niche audiences. There will be more of an effort to craft content and distribute it in more unique ways – whether it’s by using new platforms or channels or by the brand choosing to move its content in a unique creative direction. I think that 2020 may also be the year where brands aren’t afraid to let go of channels that just aren’t doing it for them. Let it go, let it go…”

Zontee Hou, Convince & Convert

“More multimedia content is coming down the pike in 2020. Contentwill move, reply, reorganize, and customize more than ever – in videos, audio, and interactive charts. The more personal and hands-on the content, the more meaningful to the audience.”

Maliha Aqeel, EY

Content distribution will start to become hyper-personalized, as brand marketers increasingly use data analytics to identify customer needs and segment audiences into defined needs-based buyer groups. Then, AI-based tools can be used to personalize the message, experience, and channel based on what’s relevant to each group and drive engagement.”

Carla Johnson, keynote speaker, author, storyteller

“Over the next year, content marketers will continue to see the rise of video. It’s a format that works for engagement at every step of the customer journey. People like to see other people who’ve done what they’re trying to do. Video delivers that and makes content much more relatable. People find it, watch it, learn from it, and then take action. Not only does it inspire people to take action, it can also motivate them to start down the buying path because they’ve become more educated.”

Carlos Hidalgo, VisumCx

“I believe CMOs and marketing departments will double down on analytics as they struggle to maintain revenue importance in their organizations. Pressure from the business will continue to mount for marketing to show themselves as revenue creators and accelerators; therefore, a move from vanity metrics to revenue metrics will be paramount.”

Jeff Coyle, MarketMuse

“2020 will be an exciting year for content. I predict that measuring the efficiency of content creation and updating will be the requirement for any team; content gap analysis will be automated; and teams will eliminate superfluous reporting that has no actionable impact.”

Leslie Carruthers, The Search Guru

“The majority, if not all businesses, with a complex sales cycle know content marketing is a required part of their marketing strategy. But they are struggling with working with limited resources, measuring results, and knowing what’s working and what’s not. My prediction for 2020 is that content marketers will focus on optimizing their activities by implementing data-driven strategies and focusing on improving their processes.”

A. Lee Judge, Content Monsta

“Marketers will place more focus on connecting their creative efforts to sales outcomes. Previously, it was a struggle to prove value in content marketing. Now that we have convinced others, we have to provide proof and be willing to put the marketing technology tools in place to hold ourselves accountable.”

Andrew Davis, Brandscaping & Town INC.

“2020 is the year of people-driven content. Brand marketers will attach people to the content they’re creating to help humanize the brand. Like Rachael Ray brought us the 30-minute meal, or Adam and Jamie brought us MythBusters, brands will power their content by people we can build a relationship with at scale.”

Dennis Shiao, Dennis Shiao Consulting

“For years, marketers leapt to embrace new things: infographics, videos, podcasts, etc. In leaping so quickly, they forgot to consider how to achieve business objectives. In 2020, marketers will pursue new tactics only after defining the strategy for using them. They’ll achieve more by creating less. We’ll also see a return to the basics, including the reemergence of print.”

Allen Gannett, Skyword

“Going into 2020, the content arbiters are raising the bar on relevance (check out Google’s BERT update). That bar will continue to rise, making it harder still for brands to get by with irrelevant, keyword-stuffed, clickbait content. It’s time to recognize that your competitive advantage doesn’t come from showing up with quick hacks. It comes from prioritizing trust with your audience. How do you create trust? Through the transference of value. Quality, well-researched, unique content experiences get you there.”

Karen Hesse, 256

“I expect a growing focus on voice-activated content in 2020. While most brands have yet to develop a voice strategy, the voice mega-trend will prompt a back-to-basics review of existing content. From there, companies will optimize and purge existing content with a ruthless lens of user needs and quality.”

Michaela Alexis, LinkedIn trainer and keynote speaker

“I think 2020 will be the year of LinkedIn Pages for B2B brands. We’re starting to see a ton of new features for LinkedIn Pages being released to help SMBs create engaging organic brand content. I think this will provide a massive opportunity for brands whose target audience is business professionals to build a community around their products/services.”

Allison Wert, SmartBug Media

“With more and more interest in machine learning and AI, I think content marketers will be pressured (in a good way) to find effective ways to leverage these technologies – i.e. for automation of manual tasks and better analytics. At the same time, content marketers will need to firmly establish where a human touch is required, namely in creating content that is not merely good enough, but actually indispensable for our audiences.”

Amanda Changuris, AAA – The Auto Club Group

Trust has always been a must for brand marketers; but with the 2020 elections and growing consumer expectations for transparency, establishing and maintaining our audiences’ trust will be paramount.”

Brian Piper, University of Rochester

“More focus will be put on voice search and video content, as usage will spike for both. Optimizing content for search will become a necessary tool in marketing, not a nice to have. Data will lead in measuring performance against strategic initiatives and making business decisions.”

En ik besluit met de content marketeer van het eerste uur:

Joe Pulizzi, Will To Die author; founder, Content Marketing Institute

“Microsoft will launch their own Apple TV+ version, but just for the business-to-business market.

Multiple Fortune 500 companies will launch coffee-table type print magazines, citing a need to break through the online clutter with a new, innovative print/paper technology.

At least one, probably two, major media networks will be purchased by large brands (not their billionaire counterparts). Multiple brands will launch organic TikTok initiatives that will be ridiculous and will go down in flames.

Deep fakes will explode during the political season. E-newsletters will win in 2020.”

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